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Author: Kevin Baker @ 08/14/14 - 04:35 pm
If your shopping for or curious about where to shop for glasses of any kind we feel your choices should include this resource.

There are many qualities to search for when considering a new pair of glasses.

  • A vast variety of styles including gender and age specific as well as shape appearance.
  • Choices of materials to accommodate personal favorites and or allergic requirements.
  • Frame and lens width are to be considered.
  • Many colors as some people like to have a variety to enhance their wardrobe and or professional persona.

Availability of prescription requirements.

  • Single Vision Glasses
  • Bifocal Glasses
  • Progressive Glasses

An easy to navigate, view and search website will go a long way to increase your interest when shopping for a new pair of glasses.

Having new items, promotions and the offer of your first pair free show great confidence in products and services offered.

A full host of support choices either by phone, email, live chat and FAQ readily available is one of the strongest indicators of how accessible the support you are looking for when shopping for a new pair of glasses.

The product I was drawn to and want to experience is this one.


I have very sensitive areas around my ears and the soft arm extension is attractive. The lens curvature is important to me for full coverage protection. The light weight will enable me to move freely and keep my nose from becoming indented.

I am very impressed with one company in particular regarding all of the above mentioned criteria.

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We received the glasses on Aug 30, 2014 and found them to be all I anticipated. They are so light, leaving no imprint on my nose and with the padded arms do not effect the sensitive areas around my ears. After wearing them all day on a cloudless day my eyes were still relaxed and no fatigue. The protection is all they claim to be and do highly recommend them. We also have an additional discount to offer using code KEBX20 and you will receive an additional 20% off at
Kevin Baker - 09/05/14 - 03:11 pm

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